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Anorexie mentale et médiations somatiques : évaluations croisées de l’ostéopathie et de la psychomotricité sur les préoccupations corporelles

Principal Component Analysis between perceptions and kinematics of the subject. An ergonomic case study at office work

Validity of 3D reconstruction of a new tool for postural assessment based on a single optical camera

Toward automatic detection of acute stress: relevant nonverbal behaviors and impact of personality traits

Mechanics of standing and crouching sprint starts

Évaluation de l’influence de l’arthrite du genou issue de la maladie de Lyme lors d’une analyse quantifiée de la marche : étude de cas d’un sujet jeune

Accuracy of postural human-motion tracking using miniature inertial sensors

Stimulated infrared thermography applied to differentiate scar tissue from peri-scar tissue: a preliminary study

Relationships between each part of the spinal curves and upright posture using Multiple stepwise linear regression analysis

Touching sounds: Audio Virtual Surfaces

Effect of oral glucocorticoid intake on autonomic cardiovascular control

Evaluations of cranial micro-motion and breathing using kinematic analysis. Comparison between Vicon system and spirometry

Effect of spinal manipulative treatment on cardiovascular autonomic control in patients with acute low back pain

Effect of osteopathic correction on strengthening of the perineal muscles in the postpartum rehabilitation period [publication en russe]

Evidence-based assessment of potential therapeutic effects of adjunct osteopathic medicine for multidisciplinary care of acute and convalescent COVID-19 patients

Aquatic Osteopathy Treatment Assessment by Infrared Thermography on Healthy Subjects After Thermoneutral Water Immersion

Influence of regular dance practice on the postural stability during quiet standing in healthy women

Manubrio-sternal joint mobility during forced ventilation using non-invasive opto-electronic plethysmography: cases studies

Effects of a lighter discus on shoulder muscle activity in elite throwers, implications for injury prevention. Original research

Effect of osteopathic treatment on a scar assessed by thermal infrared camera, pilot study

Auditory cues behind congenitally blind subjects improve their balance control in bipedal upright posture

Medical Infrared Thermography in back pain osteopathic management

Feasibility and interest of exergame training for Alzheimer patients in long-term care. Fundamental data [publication en français]

Does dehydration alter the success rate and technique of three-point shooting in elite basketball?